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Rebalance: Spinarak/Ariados
Author Message
Hello guys,

I am testing some new Pokémon (and some first gen pokemons too) for the purpose of suggesting some rebalancing,and my first experiment is with the Johto bugs: Spinarak/Ariados.

Well... now they looks like a Beedrill with different sprite with lower stats.
Ariados should have a different moveset to reinforce his attributes and his trapping/decrease speed stats moves.
My suggestion for Spinarak / Ariados is this:


Removes Harden, add Infestation --> SPC (10mp) - lvl 5 -->Low damage bug type attack, should work like a bug type "poison"; if used in pvp or friendly battle, the target cannot switch for 10s .

Add Fury Swipes ---> STR (6mp) - lvl 18 --> Sucessive normal type attacks (just like fury attack)

Add Shadow Sneak --> (STR) (5mp) lvl 20 --> it's a ghost type quick attack, attack recharge faster.

Agility should go to lvl 33

Removes Toxic, add Toxic Thread --> (SPC) (26mp) lvl 25 --> Area Effect (like water pulse area) with no direct damage, poison targets like Toxic Spikes effect and heavily slow all pokemons in this area .

Removes X-Scissor, add Pin Missile in lvl 30

Ariados - Same as Spinarak, with:

Remove Swords Dance.

Keep Poison Jab in lvl 40.

Add Cross Poison in lvl 50 ---> (STR) (25 mp) X-shape attack with 3sqm area in each side of the cross (your target is the epicenter, without target, the pokemon user is the epicenter).

Add Spider Web in lvl 75 (50mp) --> No damage, same Effect as Razz Berry for 10s in wild Pokemon; in battle, the target cannot switch for 15s.

Well, i'm suggesting new moves too, which can be used in other pokémons to rebalance.

I have more suggestions for pokemons, but I want feedback from you guys in this topic first Smile

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